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Friday, January 5, 2007

--FOR SALE: DIRT DEVIL FLOOR KEEPER, used once, $50; ----FOR SALE: OAK KITCHEN CABINET, 36"tall, 35.5"long, 24"deep, 5-years-old, excellent condition, 2 drawers/2 doors, $75. 828-765-9619

--WANT TO BUY: USED BABY CRIB, for newborn, reasonably priced. 828-733-3717

--FOR SALE: 2002 YAMAHA TTR-125 MOTORCYCLE w/new graphic kit, $1200. 828-733-3195

--WANT TO BUY: TRUCK or CAR, 4x4 optional, can pay $500-$1000. 828-260-2266

--FOR SALE: TROY-BILT GENERATOR, 8000-watts, like new, $1000 OBO. 828-387-6105

--FOR SALE: 1989 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS, 4-cylinder, $800 OBO; ----FOR SALE: 300-350 RHODODENDRONS, premium. 828-733-3455

--FOR RENT: MOBILE HOME, 2BR, 1BA, on private land, Andy Crowe Rd. 828-437-4144

--FOR SALE: GLASS JUGS, gallon size, 50-cents/each. 828-733-6293

--WANT TO BUY: VEHICLE for son, car or truck @ $500. 828-584-6986

--FOR SALE: 1978 Z-28 CAMARO, 400 small block w/supercharger, 440 rearend, for street or dragstrip, w/title, $6500. 828-733-9031

--TO GIVE AWAY: CATS, good mousers, adults & kittens. 828-260-0771


Thursday, January 4, 2007

--FOR SALE: 1994 NISSAN QUEST MINI-VAN, 1-owner, never wrecked, 4 new tires, good condition, $2500. 828-733-9916 or 828-387-0155

--LOOKING FOR: FIREWOOD. 828-766-9072

--LOOKING FOR: OLD DRYERS for parts. 828-733-1316

--FOR SALE: ELECTRIC GUITAR, Peavy, oak hard body, blonde, w/amplifier & hard shell case, $100. 828-733-2690

--FOR RENT: MOBILE HOME, 2BR, 1BA, in Avery County on private land. 828-437-4144

--TO GIVE AWAY: OLD WASHER for parts. 828-733-6400

--FOR SALE: 2 CHIHUAHUAS; ----TO GIVE AWAY: 2 BOSTON TERRIERS, mixed. 828-733-7272

--FOR SALE: 1999 CHEVY S-10 PICK-UP, long-wheel-base, 4x4, $4500. 828-733-9797

--FOR SALE: 3 THREE-WHEELERS, 70cc, 110cc, 125cc, not running, $550/all. 423-772-3412

--WANT TO BUY: CURIO CABINET. 828-733-4058


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

--LOOKING FOR: FIREWOOD. 828-766-9072

--WANT TO BUY: CAR or EXTENDED CAB TRUCK, easy on gas in good running order, can pay $800-$1000. 828-584-6986

--FOR SALE: WOODSTOVE, Suburban cabinet model, $175. 828-733-1478

--FOR SALE: 1991 CHEVY LUMINA, blue, good tires, needs minor repairs, $600 (or for parts). 828-964-2296 Matt

--FOR SALE: 1997 FORD TAURUS, 4-door, looks & runs great, $2000. 828-766-8874

--FOR SALE: DRYER, used, works well, $75. 828-733-0609 Diane or Jonathan

--TO GIVE AWAY: FREEZER, large chest type, may be fixed or useful for livestock feed, etc. 828-733-4338 Ruth Young

--LOOKING FOR: Dorm-size REFRIGERATOR @ Avery Animal Hospital, 828-733-9810 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

--LOOKING FOR: SOMEONE TO BABYSIT a 3-year-old, 2 p.m - 6 p.m. 828-443-9817 Heather

--FOR SALE: 2 CHIHUAHUAS, male & female. 828-733-7272

--FOR SALE: SHETLAND PONY, gentle, $300; ----SMALL HORSE, male, $300; ----QUARTER HORSE, gelding, w/saddle, $500. 828-765-6526

--WANT TO BUY: POTATOES. 828-898-4833

--FOR SALE: ROLLER BLADES, like new, size 11; ----BLUE RIDGE DISHES, 27-pieces "Sunfire" pattern. 828-733-1075

--WANT TO BUY: REFRIGERATOR, in running order; ----WANT TO BUY: ROUND TABLE w/LEAVES, light oak preferably. 828-733-9318

--TO GIVE AWAY: WEIGHT BENCH, POTS/PANS, CLOTHES (today only), Old Toe River Rd. Newland, 1/2 mile from Avery Hardware. 828-733-6293


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

--FOR SALE: G.E. REFRIGERATOR, white, works well, needs cleaning, $50. 828-733-4205

--FOR SALE: 5000-watt GENERATOR, used very little, $300. 828-385-3450

--FOR SALE: BASINETTE, like new, $35. 828-733-6313

--LOOKING FOR: WOODEN OFFICE DESK for home office. 828-766-5573 or 828-387-0190

--FOR SALE: 1986 NISSAN PICK-UP, 4x4, short bed, blue, 5-speed, 111k miles, good body/runs well, very good condition, $2500 OBO (or partial trade on guns). 828-675-5699 after 5 p.m. or 828-756-6722 before 3 p.m.

--FOR SALE: Set of FIRE LOGS, manual controls, $75. 828-733-2137

--FOR SALE: 1996 NISSAN COUPE, 200SX, 4-cylinder, 5-speed, $2450; ----FOR SALE: 1990 JEEP, 88k miles, 4-cylinder, 5-speed, $3500. 828-387-1910

--FOR SALE: 1997 FORD RANGER (4x4 doesn't work), $3500 OBO. 828-733-9648

--WILL SIT WITH ELDERLY. 828-260-2022

--FOR SALE: ENTERTAINMENT CENTER ( will hold 32" or larger TV), mahogany, $100. 828-733-9481


--WANT TO BUY: 4x4 TRUCK, extended cab, & 4-WHEELER. 828-733-6400


Monday, January 1, 2007



Saturday, December 30, 2006

--FOR SALE: ELECTRIC SCOOTER, black, good shape, w/lights, $100. 828-387-7105 or 828-733-5537

--FOR SALE: BIRD CAGE, $30; ----FOR SALE: STORAGE BARRELS, 25-gallons, $8/each. 828-733-9294

--FOR SALE: MAYTAG DISHWASHER, $30; ----TABLE W/CHAIRS, $20; ----NINTENDO, $30. 828-765-2509

--FOR SALE: 1988 SUBARU WAGON, $450; ----FOR SALE: 1997 TOYOTA 4-RUNNER, loaded, excellent condition, $7800. 828-737-0401

--FOR SALE: 1996 CHEVY PICK-UP, good condition, w/or w/out camper top, $6000; ----FOR SALE: CORNER CABINET for girl's room. 828-737-6885


Friday, December 29, 2006

--FOR RENT: TRAILER on Licklog, 3BR, 1.5BA, newly remodeled, no pets, HUD approved. 828-733-2189

--FOR SALE: 5 TRAILER WINDOWS (slide up/down), 3-months-old; ----FOR SALE: 275-gallon OIL BARREL & STAND, $60. 828-737-0812

--FOR SALE: 2003 KAWASAKI PRAIRIE 360, 4x4, automatic, good condition, $3300 OBO. 828-733-5932

--FOR SALE: SHETLAND PONY, 7-years-old, rides well, $300; ----SMALL HORSE, brown & white, gentle, $300; ----QUARTER HORSE, gelded, w/saddle, $500, you must haul. 828-765-6526

--WILL SIT WITH ELDERLY. 828-733-8900 or 828-260-2022


Thursday, December 28, 2006

--TO GIVE AWAY: 2 BLUE HEELER PUPPIES; ----WANT TO BUY: HAY, old bales for landscaping, will pay extra for delivery. 828-733-6274 after 5 p.m.

--WANT TO BUY: HIDE-A-BED SOFA, 27" or 28", dark color (non-smoker), will pay $100. 828-765-7026

--LOOKING FOR: 5-speed TRANSMISSION for 1996 Ford Aspire (will buy whole car for parts). 828-898-9212 or 828-260-2053

--WANT TO BUY: 2.3-litre MOTOR for 1988 Ford Ranger; ----WANT TO BUY: FORD RANGER, 4x4, 1985-1992 in good running condition. 828-733-1478

--FOR SALE: MOUNTAIN SPORT SX, lady's bike, 33" @ seat, 36" @ handlebars, 18 gears, hand brakes, looks new, w/upgraded padded seat, $50; ----ELECTRIC GRILL, Faberware, looks brand new, all parts included, $30; ----ATOMIC SKIS, 3.5mm x 14mm, 76"long, new, good for temarking or cross country, $35; ----SKI POLES, SWIX Cougar, 46", used, good condition, $10; ----OLD UPRIGHT PIANO, plays well, needs tuning, $100 (free to church). 828-733-1235 after 6 p.m.

--FOR SALE: POTATOES (60 bushels), $12/bushel. 828-733-0991

--FOR SALE: RECLINER, medium blue, $35. 828-737-0257

--FOR SALE: NEW GUN-TYPE FURNACE from mobile home, w/pipes. 828-737-0812

--FOR SALE: 2 RAT TERRIER females, $100 (house-broken), $50 (not house-broken). 828-733-0070 or 828-260-4544

--FOR SALE: 2 COCKATIELS w/large cage, $200 OBO. 828-765-0742 after 2 p.m., Betty

--FOR SALE: COMPUTER TABLE, $15. 828-733-5019


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

--FOR SALE: 1981 CHEVROLET C-70 DUMP TRUCK, 2-ton, 8.2-litre Detroit diesel Allison engine, 5-speed hi/low, air brakes, 120k miles, runs & looks good, $5700. 828-765-8662

--FOR SALE: 16' HEAVY DUTY TRAILER, 5'ramps, 6'7"wide, floor is solid metal, w/expando metal between drive tracks, 16"side walls, new tires, new 3500-lb. axels, 2"trailer ball, $1600; ----FOR SALE: CATTLE HOT STICK, $30. 828-437-6359

--FOR SALE: 1989 FORD F-250, 7.3-litre diesel, new starter, alternator & glowplugs, rebuilt automatic transmission, $4200. 828-387-7793

--WANT TO BUY: WASHER/DRYER in good condition. 828-733-6982

--FOR SALE: CHAIN SAW, Poulan 16", $40; ----FOR SALE: DRY SINK, $65; ----FOR SALE: OAK WASH STAND, $150; ----FOR SALE: DRESSER, $175. 828-733-5954

--FOR SALE: ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, mahogany, 40"hi, 4'wide, $100. 828-733-9481

--FOR SALE: AB LOUNGE, $40. 828-737-0502 or 828-260-6291 Toni

--WILL SIT WITH ELDERLY, have references & experience. 828-733-9648, 828-260-2022 or 828-260-6491

--FOR SALE: 1988 SUBARU WAGON, 4x4, $450 OBO; ----FOR SALE: 1997 TOYOTA 4-RUNNER, loaded, excellent condition, $7800. 828-737-0401


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

--FAMILY IN NEED: LOST HOUSE & POSSESSIONS IN FIRE! Lady, size 8-12, Men, size 30-32 & 32-34 pants. 828-737-9580 Barbara Wright, Ronnie Benfield, Christian Muscatella

--FOR SALE: 30.06 MOSSBERG RIFLE, $350; ----4 TIRES, 235-75R15, 1-week-old, $200. 828-737-9580

--FOR SALE: 1991 SUBARU WAGON, 4x4, new tires, $500. 828-733-9810 or 828-897-6911

--LOOKING FOR: "DREAM HOME". Looking to rent-to-own 3 BR house w/some yard, can pay up to $500/month. 828-260-2014

--FOR RENT: 3 BR APARTMENT, taking applications, HUD approved, $400/month, $300/deposit. 828-385-3450 or 828-765-5367

--TO GIVE AWAY: CHRISTMAS PUPPY, male, brown/white, 6-weeks-old, loves children. 828-733-2178 George Andrews

--FOR SALE: AMERICAN DAIRY GOAT, registered Alpine Buck; ----FOR SALE: 2 PAIRS GEESE. 828-733-4214

--FOR SALE: 1999 CHEVY ASTRO VAN, all-wheel-drive, $2500. 828-260-4554

--FOR SALE: GEL-FILLED MATTRESS (for bedridden person). 828-898-6574

--FOR SALE: KEROSENE HEATER, Toyo Stove, 17,500 btu, DC100, w/wire cage, $75. 828-733-2708

--FOR SALE: 4 TIRES, 13", 185-70-13 + 2 SNOW TIRES, 165-80-13, $10/each. 828-733-0070

--FOR SALE: 1996 CHEVY PICK-UP w/or w/out camper top, $6000; ----FOR SALE: QUILTS, BABY QUILTS, PILLOWS; ----FOR SALE: CORNER CLOSET/SHELVES for little girl's room; ----FOR SALE: COMPUTER, works, $30. 828-737-6885


Monday, December 25, 2006




If you have lost your pet, or found someone else's don't forget to call the Avery Humane Society at 828-733-6312

FOUND: 2 DOGS - 1 female medium size, brown (brindle) color, short hair, appears to be young, no collar. 1 dog - sex not known, wearing orange/red collar brown, medium size, short hair, perhaps lab mix Wandering near Minneapolis Baptist Church . 828-737-9304 Ask for Jean

LOST: CHIHUAHUA, tan w/black muzzle, female, last seen in Elk Park area, REWARD OFFERED. 828-733-2760

LOST:. 6 yr old MINIATURE POODLE, male, apricot, "Peaches," no collar, recently trimmed, last seen Wednesday evening on Jerrys Creek Road.
If you see this dog, please hold on to him and /or call 828-733-2036 or 828-733-1519 or 828-733-2656

LOST: BEAGLE (white w/spots), wearing collar w/Earl Daniels name & number, Pyatte community. 828-733-7903

LOST: BEAGLE, male, black w/brown head, wearing orange collar, Plumtree Creek/Elk Mountain area. REWARD OFFERED! 828-260-2896 or 828-898-2892

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